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A mouse is a device that controls the position of the cursor manually. A two- or three-button mouse is commonly used in the system.
Connect the mouse to the interface on the rear panel of the host device through the mouse cable, and insert the plug at the end of the mouse cable vertically into the connector on the rear panel of the device.
Operating the mouse can do the following: such as determining the cursor position, selecting the menu item to run from the menu bar, moving the copied file between different directories, and speeding up the file movement.
You can define mouse buttons, such as selecting objects or giving up, depending on the software you use.
Use attention
Care should be taken when using the mouse. Incorrect use will damage the mouse. Note the following when using the mouse:
1. Avoid using the mouse on surfaces with low finish such as clothing, newspapers, carpets, and rough wood;
2. Do not touch the mouse;
3. The mouse should not be moved in the box;
4. Do not use the mouse under high temperature and strong light;
5. Do not put the mouse in the liquid.
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