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Ear Hook Headphone

The ear-hook type earphone refers to a kind of earphone that is added with an auxiliary hanging decoration on the side of the earphone for convenience. Different from in-ear headphones. Ear hooks are a type of earphones and earbuds that are divided according to how they are worn.
Simply put: the connection between the two units of the earphone and the wearing of the fixed beam are eliminated, and the design with the beautiful hook to hang it on the ear is designed to be hooked on the plug body. Hang on your ear. The ear hook is wonderful on this "hanging" word. Without this "hanging", it can't be called ear hook; if this "hanging" hinders the user's wearing, it is a failed design, which is a superfluous design.
Ear hooks can be roughly divided into three categories: earphone ear hooks, earbud ear hooks and in-ear ear hooks. The basic features of earphone-type earloops and earbuds are clearly explained in the first paragraph. Here we mainly talk about in-ear earhooks. Personally think that as an in-ear earplug, you don't need to design it as an ear hook. You only need to bypass the line from the back of the ear. It is designed to be inconvenient for the user to wear, which does not reflect the convenience of the ear hook.
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