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A headset is not a type of earphone that is inserted into the ear canal, which is different from in-ear earphones. It consists of two parts, a signal transmitter and an earphone with a signal receiving and amplifying device (usually moving coil type).
The transmitter is connected to the signal source, and the front stage or headphone amplifier can be connected in front of the transmitter to improve the sound quality and adjust the tone.
1. The sound field is good and the comfort is good.
2. Do not get in the ear, avoid scratching the ear canal
3. It can be heard for a longer period of time than in-ear earphones
Frequently wearing headphones can cause damage to the ear. In general, the following principles should be noted when using headphones:
1. Don't wear headphones for a long time
2. Do not open the volume too much. If someone outside one meter can't hear you clearly, you should lower the volume of the headphones.
3. Choose a headset that is comfortable to wear.
4. The earphone should have good quality, small noise and adjustable volume.