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6 feature of wireless Bluetooth speakers
- Dec 27, 2016 -

Custom manufacturer for your wireless Bluetooth audio Bluetooth speaker 6 major features.
1: guiding spirit wireless Bluetooth speakers new development carried aluminum alloy material, the carving process, with a special aluminum alloy design and fully enclosed metal ring, makes a variety of surface treatment technology in combination with several fun colors, the more luxurious style.
2: choose a professional audio Bluetooth chip carrying high profile speaker vibration film, Ling electrical engineering group, by the way, well tested, so that speaker bass deep dive, exquisite treble in rich, sonorous and moving.
3: the new portable Bluetooth speaker is compatible with multi-format audio from MP3, WMA, WAV, AMP more kinds of devices, such as a perfect matching, built-in high-quality speaker, using lightweight magnetic density full audio speakers, makes sound more brilliant play, three-channel balanced output.
4:8-hour battery life, strong power, fully compatible with mobile phones, MP3, MP4, laptop, Tablet, and enrich your life more and more portable.
5: the perfect match for all kinds of electronic equipment, distance up to 10 m long transmission distance, wireless signal strength, low energy consumption rate, built-in clear the receiver, reducing radiation, freeing your hands to enjoy your life.
6: the new speaker is a technique, you can quickly update TF online audio, multiple interface cable trouble, provided exquisite TF card slot, perfect all kinds of sound sources in independent card, maximum support.