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Bluetooth: Bluetooth hands-free headsets can replace?
- Dec 27, 2016 -

In addition to driving the car a Bluetooth speaker to play music on, drivers will pass Bluetooth headset call, then the impact on the environment sound judgement, not hear the car horn at the back as well as abnormal sound may result in a security risk, could easily lead to accidents.
United States Medical Association published a study shows that, in addition to noise, prolonged use of headphones is blamed for causing hearing loss. Under normal circumstances, voice some distance to reach the ear, it sounds high-frequency part is absorbed by the air. If you are using headphones, microphones on the ear from the eardrum and the distance will be closer, absorbs all frequencies of sound waves make the ear, hearing damage is large, it is recommended not to use headphones for a long time, try using an external speaker, and volume is acceptable.
Bluetooth phone system is in the process of driving time, the required power supply for the vehicle, without fear of the Bluetooth system standby time, Bluetooth headsets are battery-powered, talk time is limited.