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Must see: Bluetooth speaker use
- Dec 27, 2016 -

Bluetooth speaker is small, easy to carry, the majority of drivers love, new Bluetooth speaker is very cute, so bought but not used to do? following editor's learning together.
1. power on:
Before starting the first check that all wires are connected well, and connect the AC power, press the switch button-logo "on"; o symbol "off".
Red circle is the power on button and audio input/output interfaces. If you are connected to the computer, your desktop is not Bluetooth module, either through audio signal input connected to the desktop or notebook.
2. volume control:
When you boot, clockwise positive Sun Circle "volume knob" General volume increase, counterclockwise General volume decreases;
3. bass control:
Red circles marking places: when the total volume is turned on, rotate BASS "bass knob" low Bassy, counterclockwise low bass weakens; TONE knob is for adjusting the scale, you can feel, adjusted to the proper position.
Switch 4 and sound source:
In-car Bluetooth speaker back, blue lights when Bluetooth audio signal input, AUX audio input signal is red light, short press "source" button, switch the Bluetooth or AUX input.
5, Bluetooth pairing (switch to Bluetooth audio sources):
The speaker's back
When using Bluetooth the new terminal a, first boot after a short press native paired matching keys to connect your devices with Bluetooth on, such as a mobile phone or laptop. When the blue light Flash,.
Then open the Bluetooth Bluetooth terminals, look for device names, after a successful pairing, the blue lights stay lit.
B, and the existing terminal after a successful pairing, Folio machine, simply turn on the Bluetooth function of the Terminal, the Bluetooth device pairing.
6. connect devices for wireless play:
Because of the Bluetooth car speaker, nowadays many tablets do not have the Bluetooth module, so the majority of cell phone or laptop desktop computer applications, the majority. Bluetooth wireless speaker phone connection.