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Bluetooth speaker for people?
- Dec 27, 2016 -

Believe that many users of Bluetooth speakers have this view, in fact, Bluetooth speaker sound quality due to technical restrictions do not have traditional speaker quality is so good, but the Bluetooth speaker is not specifically designed for people to criticize the sound quality. Bluetooth speaker for people to use?

1, cell phones, flat-panel video users
Now many users like to watch movies or TV shows on phone or tablet, but now the phone outside had not then Nokia's level, outside of bad experience directly affects the viewing experience. Relative to the large volume of traditional speakers, small Bluetooth speaker combined with a mobile phone or Tablet and other smart devices is certainly better placed more freely. In addition, the Bluetooth connection directly to worry about you from looking for the audio line. Sound quality, as opposed to outside phone, there will be a big boost. Bluetooth speaker to replace the outside, of course, your device's battery life will also be promoted.

2, car owners
Most Bluetooth speaker Bluetooth speakerphone. Bluetooth speaker in the car, when when a call comes in, you can free their hands, click on the button to answer. Of course, the Bluetooth headset can also replace this feature, but the Bluetooth speaker is loud and clear, everyday use can replace some low-end car audio.

3, outdoor fitness lovers
Like running or sports sport headphones for my friends if you do not like it, you can try wearing sports speakers. These wearable Bluetooth speaker, and volume is very small, and weight and don't have to worry about, use the arm pads can be speaker "wear" on the body, while running while listening to music can achieve better performance. In addition they have a few features such as pedometers, enables users to better detect motion data.