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Knowledge of wireless Bluetooth speaker components
- Dec 27, 2016 -

Waterproof wireless Bluetooth speakers such as choose the subject believe that many people are confused how to select Bluetooth speaker, author to introduce several of the following methods:
1, and waterproof wireless Bluetooth speaker of power: this involves speaker amplifier of power and Horn of power, also premise Xia, power relative more high, voice on more about good; certainly, also to see speaker of bear capacity, like some small speaker, if to it of power too big words, play music Shi speaker on will "not honest", like beat, is people often said of speaker will dance, so many manufacturers to small speaker following stick a layer silicone pad or other of things that can makes its not beat, and also increased has speaker of beautiful.
2, waterproof wireless Bluetooth speaker is the biggest buy Bluetooth wireless music related Bluetooth version Bluetooth speaker quality, higher the Bluetooth version, Bluetooth speaker more power, more effective interval far stronger, Bluetooth compatibility.
3, speaker: when it comes to speakers is more complicated, magnetic speakers remained outside magnetic speakers, cone remains, Horn, Horn power structure, such as impedance, not professional people it is difficult to know, sound quality of speakers is not as high as the General not to pay attention to these. Here to share with you an article you need to understand the knowledge of wireless Bluetooth speakers
4, process with development of the times, speaker technology is more and more people's attention, your speakers sound not the upper hand, but the process is done well, done, also favored by the masses.
5, listen: is listening to speaker sound quality, whether there is noise, is easily broken sound, distortion, sound does not feel comfortable (poor sound speakers to listen to for a long time will be very noisy), bass and treble have reflected and so on. Try as far as possible with different songs when audio-visual and download songs the best with genuine, now online for lots of music files have been processed, and genuine music varies widely, and audition, don't put too much volume.
6, and waterproof wireless Bluetooth speaker box material: yiqian compared focused on this, everyone are thought wood quality box to than any metal or plastic, are better, certainly this is facts, but followed speaker box of research, now metal, and plastic, material of box also can reached wood quality box as of effect, unless length often professional, and on sound requirements very high of only must selection wood quality box.