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Types of Bluetooth headsets
- Dec 27, 2016 -

Dan Er Bluetooth headset for wireless compact style can be worn directly on the ear, the main function is to answer and hang up calls, can be adjusted to control the volume, monaural Bluetooth headset some models have dual, double wheat, NICAM (also known as noise, can achieve a higher quality of call environments) and other technologies.
Bluetooth stereo headset is based on the mobile phone supports the A2DP Stereo Bluetooth protocol, only the mobile phone supports the A2DP Bluetooth State
Agreements can connect stereo Bluetooth headset for Bluetooth headset music. Bluetooth stereo headphones with neck hang, headsets, clips, glasses and other styles, and neck hang and clip styles are cable-Bluetooth headsets, outside the main function in addition to answering hung up the phone, can also enjoy the music at the same time, some stereo Bluetooth headset with LCD screen, can not only easily see call number, with features such as display song lyrics.