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Wireless Bluetooth speaker makes your life more wonderful
- Dec 27, 2016 -

Home far away, not just distance away, tedious waiting, congestion of the roads, weary traveled on the way home in time to become even longer. Perhaps, Bao, bench, melon seeds, charging the artifact you are ready, but wireless Bluetooth speakers you have to take this new artifact, because it will make your ride time is different!
Hivi history wireless Bluetooth speaker is the smallest wireless Bluetooth speakers, using a special material, particularly light and compact, easy to carry. Size of boxes such as Apple, your bags are very easy to find a resting place.
Inheritance hivi wireless Bluetooth speaker sound quality-focused philosophy, hivi, as always, excellent sound quality and stable performance. Whether it is broadcast over the elegant music, still loved pop songs, with ease, real natural. Merlot, the road home is no longer alone.
Wireless Bluetooth speaker built-in Bluetooth (Bluetooth), and interconnected devices such as mobile phones, flat, easy to build a music system. To share good music with peers who make beautiful music ease travel fatigue, near town of feeling shy, you may be able to harvest one likeminded friends.
Wireless Bluetooth speakers built-in rechargeable battery, to bring you extra long music playback time. Melody accompanied by long, waiting, traffic jams have become no longer bored, your heart even more.