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Bluetooth Speaker How To Connect To Computer?
- Dec 27, 2016 -

Because Bluetooth speaker from the bondage of wires, lovers of all ages by many speakers. Most people know that Bluetooth speaker phone connection method, because this is too simple. Turn on the Bluetooth feature, open the speaker will automatically pair connections. However, did you know that Bluetooth speakers connected to the computer system? Lotte speakers small addendum below mention just briefly on this issue.
Steps to Bluetooth speakers connected to the computer:
1, confirm your computer has Bluetooth, you can buy a Bluetooth adapter
2, the Bluetooth icon in the lower right corner – right right corner of the desktop – right-click the Bluetooth icon – adding devices;-launch-Add units;
3, select the Bluetooth speaker, and installing the driver
4, start menu, click devices and printers, right-click the property;
5, switching to the Services tab, and then confirm, the computer will install the driver;
6, double-click the Bluetooth speaker icon, a pop-up window below, click Connect;
7, right-right trumpets the desktop, click playback devices;
8, right-Bluetooth audio playback tab set as the default device, confirm.