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Classification Of Bluetooth Speaker
- Dec 27, 2016 -

Based primarily on pronunciation and use can be divided into several.
Category: single trumpet mini portable
Mini Portable Bluetooth speaker pronunciation unit mainly has a horn, a horn + a bass radiator, phase hole and a horn + Horn diaphragm type, and so on. Is functionally divided into single-tube mini Bluetooth speakers and outdoor mini Bluetooth speakers and so on.
Single-tube mini Bluetooth speakers
Bluetooth speaker start in this simple single-tube Bluetooth speaker the most prosperous. As the structure is simple, without special technical support, attracting a large number of manufacturers, due to their cheap price is very popular with new Bluetooth speaker crowd likes, and that countless speakers on the market. For people to understand and be familiar with Bluetooth speaker made no small contribution. But because of its sound Chamber cavity is too small, product homogenization of serious constraints, low prices to its own conditions, speaker sound quality is difficult to break through, relatively short battery life, mostly in the 2-3 hours, causes the speaker to use limitations, most can only be used in a fixed place. Most of its users on sound quality not required, so cheap and common single-tube Bluetooth speaker makes it easy for the public to buy.
Single cylinder mini outdoor Bluetooth speaker
Since the common mini Bluetooth speaker is difficult to meet the requirements of outdoor environment, outdoor mini Bluetooth speaker will come into being. Wireless, portable, home for outdoor use can be, can meet the basic waterproof shatter-resistant requirements to meet the simple outdoor sports, but also because of the limitation of size is too small, the sound quality can't be major breakthrough only breakthrough in portability and waterproof on the fall, 3-5 hours of battery life on the range only for a brief outdoor activities. Outdoor Bluetooth speaker as a transitional product, its price is relatively cheap. The main advantage of this type of speaker is compact, portable, easy to carry, but with the Pocket on the other side is the sound quality, poor bass, shorter battery life and other shortcomings.
Category II: Dual-speaker sound quality with the perfect combination of portability
This Bluetooth speaker with regard to pronunciation unit there are two La Salle
BA, two Horn + a diaphragm, two speakers + down holes, two speakers + two diaphragms, and so on. Is functionally divided into mini-friendly Bluetooth speaker and outdoor sport Bluetooth speaker.
Mini-friendly Bluetooth speaker
This type of speaker has had a greater degree of improvement in sound quality can basically meet the vast majority of people use, unless you are a very high professional standards for sound quality requirements. The sound quality is good small and portable, it is basically a Palm size, suitable for home display, there are lots of styles design difference is a good Bluetooth speaker. But since he is not specifically designed for outdoor sports, grip, no water drop resistance functions, so the site is mainly used for indoor.
Outdoor sport [1] for the upstarts of the Bluetooth speakers on the market. His advantage has assembled several speakers in the front, speaker hold good against portable can not only meet the domestic and also can meet the many years of outdoor use. Due to the high requirements for the expertise and materials, only major brand marketers in design and production, detail workmanship, materials research, a certain degree of technical support. The sound quality can achieve high standards, superior general Bluetooth speaker, able to satisfy most users. Because of the need to meet the outdoor extreme environments, this type of product in the materials specially designed, usually with a strong three-proof function, [1] battery life lasting, generally between the hours of 10-20. Price ranging between 400~1500 Yuan. This combination of portable sound speaker practicability and applicability are fine, Bluetooth speaker markets will become mainstream.
Category III: large home speakers
Horn is noted for its large home Bluetooth speakers mainly in sound quality, prices are relatively expensive. Based on high demand for technical support, design and production of its generally large brand merchants. This Bluetooth speaker is pursued by uncapped breakthrough in sound quality, and is targeted to users who have high requirements for sound quality, due to the expensive and therefore relatively small.