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Earphone Features Of Earphones
- Aug 29, 2017 -

earphone Features of earphones

A wired phone headset is a hand earphone made up of microphone, earplugs, earplugs, and hand wiring.

Features of mobile phone headset:

The volume of cable phone headphones is small and the technical content is general, but the price is affordable and applicable to the majority of users, providing a lot of convenience for users.

It can effectively prevent the radiation of the phone from the head, and enhance the health value of the human body. It also allows the hands to be released and allows users to pull out their hands while they are busy. Different kinds of wired phone headphones:

Wired phone headphones are wired, so it has a switch and no switch. With mobile phone headset allows users to switch when call don't need to be specified in the relevant keys, cell phone just press the switch of it is ok, very convenient, but the price will be relatively expensive. Without switch, when the mobile phone has a phone call, generally 3 mobile phone bell ring a bell (number of different products there may be differences), headset automatically through mobile phones, users can use headphones to speak, of course, the user can also before automatically when operating mobile phone answer keys on the keyboard to answer, however, that for some don't want to answer the call control is difficult, carelessly headphones could "help" you answer you don't want to answer the call.

In addition, the wired phone has an FM radio and MP3 function, which can be used by the user to listen to the radio or MP3, which automatically shuts down the radio or MP3 when there is a call. A lot of people have had headphones that don't respond to your phone? It doesn't respond, no sound, etc. What about the phone headphone socket contact? Let me introduce how to solve it.

1. Clean out the headphone holes

Step 1: use cotton stick to touch alcohol, squeeze clean, don't get too wet, insert the cotton stick into the headphone hole and then pull it out again and again, several times. Be careful not to break the cotton bat too hard;

Step two: or use a hairdryer, and aim at the headphone to blow away from the far point;

Step 3: after cleaning up, plug in the headset, is it better? 2. Handle headphone joints

Step 1: sometimes the headphone isn't the reason for the phone's headphone jack, but the connector on the headset. Don't plug in your headphones, try to plug in and try the sound. If so, can you change the headset to see if it's okay?

Step two: some of the headphone and cell phone's interface is not corresponding, ground line, the order of the channel of the channel is different lead to the headphone contact bad, should change the earphone to try.

3. Handle the internal headphone jack