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Earphone Headphones Are Often Used
- Sep 27, 2017 -

earphone Headphones are often used

Headset supplier analysis of headset working principle

Many people like music, which carry a headset has become a fashion, as early as the music began in the modern fashion, we have the headset as our daily use of small tools. However, how can we use the headphones every day to work? Followed by our headset suppliers to understand the following.

Headset supplier wholesale headphones

Headphones commonly used in Walkman, radio, mobile phones and other equipment, need to use a plug adapter source, through the headset makes the sound directly into our ears. The headset is essentially a pair of conversion units that receive electrical signals announced by the media player or receiver, driving the speaker to convert it into sound waves into the ear. Headset headset, according to its type of transducer can be divided into moving coil headset, moving iron headphones, and other magnetic headphones, headphones, headphones, headphones, Static headphones and so on.

Now the vast majority of headset suppliers to start the parity of the headset earplugs are moving coil headset, the principle is similar to the electric speaker, in the permanent magnetic field in the winding of the cylindrical coil connected with the diaphragm, the coil in the signal current driven shares Dynamic diaphragm sound. The loudspeaker headphones are not the same as the usual loudspeakers in the difference between the diaphragm and the loudspeaker of the loudspeaker loudspeaker. The rim of the loudspeaker is usually fixed on the elastic medium (broken and centering) (for example, on the large diameter whisper) The membrane is usually a flat conical shape, supplied by the elastic medium to the oscillating system.

In the headphone supplier moving coil earphone diaphragm directly fixed on the frame of the drive unit, the diaphragm has a fold, the oscillation system of the smooth by the diaphragm itself, the expansion and contraction of raw materials and wrinkles to supply the deformation, so Said the moving coil headphone drive unit diaphragm selection of raw materials and shape planning on the unit after all, the impact of sound quality is very large, together is very delicate. Headset bad where to repair? Headset manufacturers tell you that the higher the value of the headset to more clearly after-sales service. A lot of customers to buy headphones are cheap to choose, is basically broken on the change. I do not know everyone is not clear, the general headset replacement period is about a month, of course, this does not contain the appearance and damage caused by the case. Some stores are one week after-sales replacement period, usually on the spot will not be able to replace the situation. Headset after-sales maintenance difficulties, mainly self-service maintenance of low profits, so our customers can hardly find the maintenance point. Both are headphones are one of the precision machinery, maintenance and testing are more difficult, more processes, and maintenance and appearance and restore the quality and quality are difficult to protect.