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Earphone Isolate The Source Of Radiation
- Oct 31, 2017 -

earphone Isolate the source of radiation

Ordinary headphones issued by the sound waves on the ears are very focused on direct tympanic membrane, and because the headset and the environment between the ear is sealed, so the sound can not be scattered out, listen to headphones more than 10 minutes later, you will find hearing will fall, If the long term if you will slowly produce permanent hearing loss.

While the FM headset can effectively avoid these problems. So what are the advantages of it?

1, can be used with the classroom small transmitter.

2, FM, audio / reception function, digital display function.

3, with a microphone (with a microphone) can be used in the language room.

4, comfortable to wear, you can fold, beautiful appearance, light weight, small size, easy to carry.

5, both to receive the school audio broadcasting and FM radio, but also receive local FM radio. High sensitivity, low noise.

Although the FM headphones have these advantages, you can reduce the risk of ear injuries, but for our ears healthy, but also can not often listen to a long time! Find the position of the broken line. Then put the heat shrink tubing on the broken line, and then screw the same color. And then coated with some rosin or solder paste, with a soldering iron soldering iron until the solder infiltration wire so far. With a little tape for insulation treatment. And then on both sides of the line coated with 502 sets of good heat shrink tube, with a hot air gun to blow or lighter to bake. After the shrinkage of the heat shrink tube 502 will be broken at both ends of the line and heat shrink tube stick together. Even if it is hard to pull there is no relationship. For SONY that with a plastic tube can be hidden in the plastic box, so completely do not see the scars. Headphones are essential accessories for mobile phones, its role is in the call can effectively isolate the radiation source, protect the health of the user. Now the market sales of mobile phone products, will inevitably produce radiation, especially some three yards or five yards machine, when the radiation is more serious. Is some of the brand of mobile phones, but also dare not really openly talk about the issue of mobile phone radiation. Mobile phone manufacturers blindly exaggerate the other functions of the phone, and human neglect of the health of mobile phone calls harmful radiation, coupled with the country almost no supervision in this one. This is detrimental to the health of the hidden dangers will not be found overnight, so consumers are often ignored. We may have this experience, when we talk in the phone, if the time is too long, will find that the answer to the phone's brain will be very uncomfortable, it may be the result of long-term mobile phone radiation. So when pregnant women do physical examination, the doctor will emphasize as little or no use of mobile phones, to avoid harmful radiation affect the fetus.