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Earphone On The Sound
- Sep 19, 2017 -

earphone On the sound

Do you really wear headphones? What? Live for so many years, headphones do not know for a few, and will not know to wear it? Believe that we usually want to wear how to wear, how comfortable how to wear. The days of the small details, especially this with our personal things, we have every day to touch things more attention, you do not know some days of small details, headphones in some small details, to open the headset manufacturers Official website to learn more.

Headphones vibration plate is very light, there are not too many additional institutions, moving iron headphones instantaneous performance and music details have greatly improved, and its sensitivity can also be done very high, that is, at a smaller power Have a larger volume. Coupled with moving iron headphones on the sound of the smaller impact, the sound is relatively uniform, which makes a lot of music fans like to move the headphones. But moving a single unit of iron head is difficult to reproduce the perfect audio frequency. So the general level of the moving iron, are multi-unit. In the sound, moving iron headphones are also colder, listening to voices or warm sound when the performance is poor. Coupled with the price of thousands of dollars, playing iron really is not an easy thing.

Want to listen to the sound, not only have a good sound source, a good front end, a good amplifier (amp), more important is a good headset speaker, a good headset. Now, the earliest manufacturer of a headset is a foreign import, the reason why selling expensive is due to sound components, commissioning process is very high capital contribution. In addition, the market there are some headphones on the shape of the nominal investment. Always, headphones this thing, buy the brand despite the expensive, but a penny goods, really better than the average headphones! Headset manufacturers because of the front of the signal, jack, wire, etc., will have an impact on the signal, in order to reduce the attenuation of the signal, a random headset head is almost gold-plated. Other, in order to very good equipment to weaken the noise, the greater the better the internal resistance of the headset, but the resistance is too large, and usually MP3 and does not move, so how to set the internal resistance of the headset, what impact, Equipment, these should also be carefully studied. Headset manufacturers headphones and headphones usually sounds very different, and any difference depends on a lot of manpower and material resources to achieve.

1. Earphone speaker diaphragm material is not the same, it will cause the same frequency of the sound volume is not the same, the degree of fine will be different, for example: low sound foot lack of ah, okay.

2. Headphones all the cavity shape is not the same, will cause the sound waves through the reflection after the occurrence of different changes. Detailed selection of what shape will need to listen to, to adjust.

Whispering lack of doubt, but also thinking about the whisper will not be too big and the hammer, treble volume will not be too big or too small, how the frequency and so on. Although these headphones manufacturers can be measured out, but the details of the effect is still rely on experienced people to listen to, to adjust, after the decision to mass production.