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Earphone Play Radiation
- Sep 07, 2017 -

Earphone Play radiation

We all know that mobile phones on the human body radiation is relatively large, when people use the phone, the mobile phone station to send radio waves, and radio waves will be more or less absorbed by the body, the radio is the mobile phone radiation.

     With the popularity of electronic goods on the use of radiation on the word more and more sensitive, we all know that a long time close to the radiation source strong things on the human body hurt a lot. So, now on the market a variety of radiation products have emerged, and headphones are mainly used in people using mobile phones, it can play the role of radiation.

     Now the science and technology can only rely on radio signals to facilitate the transmission of information, so mobile phone radiation is inevitable. Mobile phone is a very strong source of radiation, especially the alarm is the instant power of the phone, long-term frequent calls can even make people sudden death.

     In fact, the basic principle of headphones is to pull the brain and the distance between the phone, but if contrary to this principle can not really play the role of radiation. Since the intensity of the radiation is inversely proportional to the square of the distance, it is most effective to keep the distance in the application to prevent mobile phone radiation. The brain is the most sensitive to the mobile phone radiation of an organ, so in the use and carry the phone to keep the brain and mobile phone a certain distance is very critical. With headphones, good sound quality is very enjoyable, because it is directly connected to the ear bone to the ear nerve, often a friend asked, how to wear headphones in the end to experience the best sound quality headphones?

1, first of all to insert the ear gently into the ear, and then a little to push inside a little, hand to expand the earmuffs, so that the ear can be closed.

2, with the left ear, you can use the right hand to seize the left ear earrings, so that the ear canal widened, then you can gently push the earmet into the ear canal, wait until the sealed place to stop.

3, and then put down the earrings, so that the ears in a natural state, the right side of the steps of the ears are the same. (Dtaitech Co., Ltd) is a professional company specializing in the production, sales and service of high-end headset R & D, headset headset and audio products, as well as the selection of good headphones. Professional production and sales of metal headphones, bamboo headphones, universal headphones, tablet headphones, folding headphones, white porcelain headphones, product variety, to undertake wholesale custom business, welcomed the new and old customers consulting procurement!