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Mobile Power Bank Speaker Charge The Mobile Device
- Jun 13, 2017 -

Mobile Power Bank Speaker Charge the mobile device

Mobile Power Charging A Power Bank is a device that can charge a mobile device directly and has its own storage unit. The main categories of the market are designed for the iPhone configuration of the rechargeable treasure and multi-functional rechargeable treasure, but even if the iPhone is dedicated, the basic configuration of the standard USB output, the basic can meet the market common mobile phone, MP3, MP4, PDA, Bluetooth headset, digital cameras and other digital products, G'FIVE Kivu produced by the charge of the treasure is also equipped with a common micro-interface USB data cable, both charging function.

The charging plug of the mobile power itself can charge the mobile device directly through the AC power supply and has its own storage device, which is equivalent to a mixture of charger and backup battery. Compared with the backup power supply, it can simplify the device of a charging plug, And compared to the charger itself has its own storage device, you can not directly in the power or when the digital products to provide standby power.

Mobile power charging treasure its definition is easy to carry large-capacity portable power supply. It is a set of storage, boost, charge management in one of the portable devices.

Mobile power charging treasure also called "external battery", "backup battery", "digital charging companion", it also has a very personal name: "phone companion". "Mobile power" is the concept of digital products with the popularity and rapid growth and development, and its role is anytime, anywhere to the mobile phone or digital products to provide charging function.

The real meaning of the mobile power charger is basically the polymer lithium battery as a storage unit. It is a lithium battery polymer storage device, through the IC chip voltage control, and then by connecting the power cord to charge or storage and then can be stored out of the battery charge, charge the treasure in the market is also relatively rare, more Many of the backup battery is called the charge treasure.

Mobile power charging treasure market is also relatively rare, manufacturers generally use the general use of 18650 lithium batteries and high-level lithium polymer batteries, advanced lithium polymer batteries with 18650 lithium batteries than the better security. In the case of the economy allowed to choose the use of high-level lithium polymer batteries charge treasure.

Ordinary lithium batteries The advantages of ordinary lithium battery batteries: because the development time is relatively long, the battery price is very low. Disadvantages: waste repair batteries more, because the process reasons, the problem rate and failure rate is high. The system is large, heavy weight, short life and may cause an explosion, which is a very fatal shortcomings, the mainstream mobile power are phasing out this kind of batteries. In the coming days, this ordinary lithium battery will gradually withdraw from the stage of history.

Polymer batteries: Lithium-ion batteries can be divided into liquid lithium-ion batteries, referred to as LIB) and polymer lithium ion batteries (referred to as LIP), according to lithium electrolyte batteries used in different lithium-ion batteries. Polymer lithium-ion battery used in the positive and negative materials and liquid lithium ions are the same, the cathode material can be divided into lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide, ternary materials and lithium iron phosphate material, the cathode is graphite, the battery works Also basically the same. The main difference is that the electrolyte is different, liquid lithium-ion battery using a liquid electrolyte, and polymer lithium-ion battery is a solid polymer electrolyte instead, this polymer can be "dry", it can be " Colloidal ", most of the polymer colloidal electrolyte.