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Speaker Development Of Speakers
- Oct 11, 2017 -

speaker Development of speakers

In fact, the impedance characteristics of the speaker system are really important, and many of them can be reflected from the impedance curves.

In the main technical parameters of the speaker system has marked as impedance, is usually 4 Ω, or 8 Ω, this value is to point to the rated impedance, is a pure resistance and impedance value optimization gb GB7313-87 series of 4, 8, 16 Ω. The impedance of the speaker system is a complicated problem, I'm afraid I can't make no tens of thousands of words to say, and very professional, too hard to understand, for there's no need for non-specialists to know too much, this is only a simple introduction, mainly talk about the relationship between impedance characteristics and sound performance. With the constant progress of science and technology, the communication is more and more developed, the electronic product update quickly, especially mobile phones, computer market development is very rapid, and the direction of muti_function change, personalization, miniaturization, sound effects, however, to constantly improve, multimedia video playback, ringtones, arranger function, MP3 players to listen to, and so on, all need to have better voice interface, constantly expanding the domestic market demand, is also advantageous to promote the development of the speaker.

With China's rapid economic development, global manufacturing began to shift to domestic, together with the huge domestic market demand, makes our country has become the world's largest producer and consumer of mobile communication terminal. According to statistics from the ministry of information industry, China now has nearly a third of the world's mobile phones and about a fifth of the sales market. China's mobile phone output is 1.98 billion, up 65 percent year on year. Sales volume reached 1.96 billion, up 64.5 percent year on year, with a sales rate of 98.8%. Exports were 0.08 billion, up 95.1 percent year on year, and the export rate was 40.5 percent. As a mobile phone accessory products indispensable electroacoustic device, in the face of such a rapid development of mobile industry, the future of our country speaker industry will usher in unprecedented prosperity future, effectively promoted the rapid development of electroacoustic device. In the voice of the speaker can be seen in electronic electrical equipment, speakers also is what we usually call the horn, is a kind of transducer converts electrical signals into acoustic signal, is the terminal speakers, so the performance of the speaker is good or bad will directly affect the acoustics. In order to satisfy the different environment and higher requirements of different audio equipment, in recent years, with the continuous development of digital audio technology, the speaker is more demanding, in order to adapt to the development of science and technology to meet the needs of different consumers, many companies are constantly improve the performance of speaker, research and development of new materials, new technology and new design method. At present, China's loudspeaker industry is developing very well, and the product quality of operation and production is already competitive in the international market. With the continuous expansion of the demand market in the lower reaches of China's loudspeaker industry, the export growth will usher in a new development opportunity in the future.