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Speaker Sound Way
- Oct 20, 2017 -

speaker Sound way

The way the speaker sounds

The horn is a device that converts electrical energy into sound. The different electrons are transferred to the coil. The coil produces an energy interaction with the magnetic field of the magnet, causing the disc to vibrate. As the electron energy changes at any time, the coil of the horn will move forward or backward Movement, so the speaker of the tray will follow the movement, this time, the action will make the degree of air density changes produce sound.

Speakers can be divided into:

1, moving coil. Its principle is to use a current wire and magnetic field lines perpendicular to the magnet between the north and south pole, the line will be affected by the magnetic field lines and the interaction of both current movement, in a diaphragm attached to this road line, With the current changes in the diaphragm before and after the movement.

2, electromagnetic type. In the middle of a U-shaped magnet can be set to move the cut iron, when the current flows through the coil when the armature will be magnetized and magnet repulsion phenomenon, and drive diaphragm movement.

3, inductive. And the electromagnetic principle is similar, but the armature doubles, and the magnet on the two voice coil is not symmetrical, when the signal current through the two armature for different magnetic flux will push each other and movement.

4, static type. Usually with a plastic film with aluminum and other inductive materials vacuum vaporization treatment, the two diaphragms placed relative to one of them with a positive current when another piece will induce a small current, mutual attraction to each other The effect of pushing the air will be able to make a sound. Static monomer as a result of light weight, vibration dispersion is small, it is easy to get clear and transparent treble, the bass power is not caught, and its efficiency is not high, the use of DC and easy to gather dust.

5, ribbon type. The diaphragm is made of very thin metal, and the current flows directly into the body to make it vibrate. As the diaphragm is the voice coil, so the quality is very light, excellent transient response, high frequency response is also very good. However, the efficiency and low impedance of the ribbon speakers have been a big challenge for the expansion machine.

6, horn style. The diaphragm drives the air at the bottom of the hull, because the sound is not spread when the efficiency is very high, but because the horn shape and length will affect the sound, to re-play the low frequency is not easy

Cell phone speaker history

Since 1877, the great inventor of the United States Thomas Edison invented the drum-type phonograph began to enter the monophonic recording time. By 1958, the way people recorded and played audio was still dominated by mono. Mono means that the audio signals from different orientations are mixed and recorded by the recording device, and then reproduced by a speaker. The effect of replay is simplistic and distorted relative to the real natural sound. Mobile phone speakers are divided into mono, two-channel, stereo three parts! In the mono audio equipment, you can only feel the sound, music before and after the location and tone, the size of the volume, but can not feel the sound from left to right and other horizontal movement. Popular is that there are two sound channels, in the circuit they are often their own transmission of the electrical signal is not the same, electroacoustists in the pursuit of stereo in the process, due to technical constraints, in the earliest time only use two-channel To achieve, so the stereo and two-channel seems to become a thing.