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Speaker Speaker Two-way Frequency
- Aug 02, 2017 -

Speaker speaker Two-way frequency

Mainly refers to the speaker for the family of high-fidelity sound system, karaoke karaoke, dance halls and home theater sound system speaker speakers. Speakers have made great progress in recent years, new products continue to emerge. The world's major speaker companies have introduced various forms of speaker speakers. They not only have advanced technical performance, but also from the practical modeling, improve the sensitivity, expand the dynamic range, broaden the playback frequency band and good transient response and other technical features.

Common two-way speaker speakers: with an 8-inch rain or 6.5-inch subwoofer with dome tweeter. As a low-frequency public speaker, it requires the speaker unit has a wide range of vibration of the piston without vibration, in order to ensure the desired directivity and phase characteristics. Companies rely on enthusiasts to pursue the requirements of bass, and have developed dumbbell speaker speakers, with two 8-inch or 6.5-inch subwoofer folder between a dome tweeter unit, designed to strengthen the bass. Three-way speaker speakers: in the two-way frequency on the basis of an increase of a midrange unit, the advantage is to make full use of the unit's piston vibration frequency band, reduce distortion, improve power bearing capacity.

Another significant feature of the loudspeaker is a good leak-proof magnetic performance, magnetic circuit must have a magnetic shielding design to ensure that does not affect the video image. Today, the popular multi-dimensional stereo and home theater system refers to the theater's audio-visual effects in the general family show, surround sound is part of, and is a very important part.

Now the popular surround sound on the market is divided into two kinds, one is from the early "four-channel" evolution to Dolby directional logic surround sound; the other is the first developed by the company's DSP surround sound. DSP surround sound is to use digital processing technology to simulate the different space sound effects. This requires the front, center, rear indicator speaker sound to balance, pointing to the ideal. The engineers of the electro-acoustic sector have made unremitting efforts to improve the performance of the loudspeaker. Through the system design, experiment and simulation, we have been exploring the mysteries of the speaker world and ensuring that the objective parameters of the loudspeakers are important And the necessary status.

Representative products, such as JBL's home theater speaker speaker system, including the front main channel, center channel, surround channel and subwoofer a total of 7 speakers. Front main channel with two 200mm woofer, two 127mm midrange unit, a titanium ball dome unit and trumpet tweeter. Use the horn tweeter when using the movie mode. Movie mode using horn tweeter, enjoy the music when using titanium diaphragm dome. Playback sound quality design is very comprehensive, the use of multi-channel sound equalizer and 7-channel sound quality equalizer, the use of digital technology in the smaller family space to create a magnificent theater sound.


In the past, in order to achieve true bass output, designers use large pots wherever possible. Such as KLIPSCH company 27-inch subwoofer; EV company developed 30-inch cone-shaped subwoofer, and so on. In recent years, the prosperity of the home theater audio market has driven the research and development of large-amplitude subwoofer. Representative products are: AURASOUND company radial neodymium magnetic system 18-inch subwoofer.