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Speaker Technology Status Quo
- Jul 18, 2017 -

Speaker Technology status quo

Talking about the Present Situation, Characteristics and Unique New Technology of Speakers

In recent years, with the development of digital audio technology, the requirements of the speaker is more demanding. In order to meet the requirements of technological development, to meet the needs of consumers, the world famous speaker companies are committed to improving the performance of existing speakers, and research and development of new materials for speakers, new technology and the use of new design methods.

Now the world famous big company speaker and its system technology status, characteristics and unique new technology introduced as follows:

First, the status of foreign speakers and speakers technology

Professional speaker

Mainly refers to the use of movies, stage, hall, sports venues and other occasions, speakers and speakers box. In recent years, with the new materials, new technologies, new structure, the development of new technology, stereo technology, digital technology applications, CD and VCD popular, professional speakers and its system has also made great progress, new products continue to emerge The The United States JBL, EV, BOSE company; the United Kingdom KEF, TONNY company; Japan Matsushita, Pioneer, Mitsubishi, TOA, YAHAMA company, in recent years have launched a variety of professional speakers and speaker system. Their distinctive features are, to withstand power, are more than 200W; high efficiency, generally in the 98-100dB; wide point of view. In order to achieve the above characteristics, the world famous speaker manufacturers Eight Immortals, the supernatural powers.

The main methods taken are the following:

First, the use of new magnetic materials, the use of new magnetic circuit design method. Such as the SFG magnetic circuit design used by JBL, which includes magnetic flux balance, reducing the drive source inductance and heat conduction of the new structure settings. The magnetic material used is more than 3.6MGsOe. This allows the speaker to withstand the power of the capacity increases, the reproduction bass strong, there is strength.

Second, the use of new materials, such as tweeter diaphragm using aerospace titanium, because the titanium metal E · P partner material is superior, suitable for the manufacture of high-quality treble diaphragm. The use of titanium diaphragm tweeter, high frequency has been a larger extension, power capacity has greatly improved. The subwoofer uses a laminated high density composite cone. Voice coil with flat wire, due to flat line duty factor, magnetic circuit gap utilization is high, can get a higher sensitivity. The technology invented by the JBL company, other major companies have followed suit.

Third, the use of new horns, in the professional sound reinforcement in the long-term use of the index horn speaker has been replaced by a new type of directional cylinder. The key technique of the directional horn is that the horn uses a different shape of the sidewall, because the past simple linear, exponential into a complex, discontinuous function formula to achieve a constant directivity.

Fourth, the extensive use of computer CAD, CAM and CAT technology, the use of modern technology to tap the potential of traditional speakers, professional speaker products excellence. Representative products such as the company's professional speaker speaker series, SR professional speaker speaker series.

2. AV speaker speakers

Mainly refers to the speaker for the family of high-fidelity sound system, karaoke karaoke, dance halls and home theater sound system speaker speakers. AV speakers have made great progress in recent years, new products continue to emerge. The world's major speaker companies have introduced various forms of AV speaker speakers. They not only have advanced technical performance, but also from the practical modeling, improve the sensitivity, expand the dynamic range, broaden the playback frequency band and good transient response and other technical features.