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Speaker The Pair Of Materials Used
- Sep 27, 2017 -

speaker The pair of materials used

The loudspeaker is basically composed of the drive unit, the crossover and the sound box. The design of these three parts is important. The material used is also closely related to the sound quality. If the remaining part of the material remains unchanged, the sound will be different. The difference may be very obvious, some love their own handsome enthusiasts try different materials instead of the original materials, such as to the crossover on the "tonic" capacitor or with the burning line to replace the original wiring, some can make sound quality improved, also Some destroyed the original sound balance. Parts affect the sound quality is an elusive thing, you think that the replacement of the tonic parts will improve the sound, and sometimes the contrary, the original few parts with sound quality or balance but better, this may be the design has been carefully tested to reach The ideal part of the match. Enthusiasts can test their own, but once it will be lost agents of the warranty service, you change the original parts of any of the problems of course, by your own responsibility.

Drive unit

Drive unit commonly known as the speaker, in the construction of materials used in some points worthy of special attention, electric speaker diaphragm (in the subwoofer diaphragm or sound cone) there are several materials, paper diaphragm has a long history, whichever quality Light and with the appropriate damping characteristics, to the birds still have a number of famous factories adhere to the use, but the paper diaphragm vulnerable to wet rotten or deformation, its surface hardness is low, can not produce high radiation velocity. But for the bass speaker sound full and deep, very suitable. Now the paper diaphragm used in the bass and midrange speakers, paper diaphragm tweeter has almost disappeared.

In the early eighties, plastic diaphragm began to appear in the midrange and bass speakers at the beginning of the BBC using Bextrene, and later polypropylene (Polypropylene) gradually more and more popular, today's speakers use this material accounted for a most. Polypropylene diaphragm has a very high Yinni characteristics, not affected by moisture, you can cast any desired thickness and Pu-like, light and hard, physical characteristics and sound characteristics are very good, polypropylene can also be with other materials Mixed plastic cast into a higher hardness of the diaphragm, such as mixed ceramic powder, glass fiber or graphite, etc., a lot of change, as in fact the polypropylene diaphragm sound is better than the paper diaphragm, a matter of opinion, the use of this material manufacturers big blow, Seems to have only advantages without defects, but some people still think that the paper diaphragm sound better, polypropylene with "plastic" flavor. In any case, this material has been welcomed by manufacturers and users, it is not limited to the use of midrange and woofer, tweeter diaphragm is also suitable.