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Speaker The Structure Of The Loudspeaker
- Jun 06, 2017 -

Subwoofer structure for the cone-type, there are a small amount of flat-panel. Bass diaphragm of a wide range, there are aluminum alloy diaphragm, aluminum-magnesium alloy diaphragm, ceramic diaphragm, carbon fiber diaphragm, bullet-proof cloth diaphragm, glass fiber diaphragm, propylene diaphragm, paper diaphragm, and so on.

Different speaker unit features editing

Bass unit it determines the characteristics of the sound of the speaker, the choice is relatively important. The use of aluminum alloy diaphragm, glass fiber diaphragm of the bass unit is generally small diameter, to withstand the power is relatively large, and the use of reinforced cone, glass fiber diaphragm of the bass unit replay music sound more accurate, the overall balance is good. Cone sound is natural, cheap, good rigidity, material sensitivity is high, the drawback is poor moisture resistance, manufacturing consistency is difficult to control, but the top HiFi system with the manufacture of paper than everywhere, because the sound output is very average, Good reducibility. Bulletproof cloth, a wide frequency response and lower distortion, is a strong choice for strong bassers, the disadvantage is the high cost, the production process is complex, the sensitivity is not high, light music is not very good. Wool braided pots, the texture is softer, it is the performance of soft music and light music is very good, but the bass effect is poor, lack of strength and shock. PP (polypropylene) basin, which is widely popular in high-end speakers, good consistency and low distortion, all aspects of performance are commendable. In addition, there are fiber-like diaphragm and composite diaphragm, etc. due to the high price rarely used in popular speakers.

Frequency feature editing

In general, IF speakers as long as the frequency response curve is flat, the effective frequency response range is greater than it in the system to bear the width of the frequency band, impedance and sensitivity and low frequency unit can be consistent. Alto units are generally pots and dome two. But its size and bear the power than the tweeter large and suitable for playing audio only. Alto unit diaphragm to the cone and silk film and other soft material-based, and occasionally a small amount of alloy ball dome film.

The role of the tweeter in the speaker is to reproduce a variety of high-frequency signals, its operating frequency is generally more than 2K. The overall requirement for loudspeakers is that it is expected to have a flat frequency response and a high frequency playback upper limit as well as a certain degree of power withstand capability in an effective operating frequency band. Its structure is mainly horn-shaped, cone-type, the top of the ball and aluminum belt and other major categories, the current home speakers and small monitor speakers are the most common dome-style, dome-type tweeter from the material is divided into hardball Top and soft dome two categories. The dome of the hard dome is made of aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy composite film, glass film, diamond film and so on. The dome is played by the hard dome tweeter, and has a metallic feel, suitable for playing pop music, movie music and effect music. Making excellent aluminum alloy, titanium alloy composite dome tweeter, but also a better performance of classical music and vocals. Soft dome tweeter diaphragm material has a serful film, silkworm silk membrane, rubber film and bulletproof cloth and so on several kinds. Soft dome tweeter unit replay music treble smart, relaxed, with a good natural expression, in the performance of classical music, vocals and other standards with the concept of listening music, especially handy. In recent years, silk film, silk film ball treble, the playback frequency of the upper limit has reached 40KHZ, in theory, the tweeter maximum frequency of at least 20KHZ, the higher the better. But the high frequency of the upper limit of the unit, the price should be more expensive.

Loudspeaker size is naturally the bigger the better, large-caliber subwoofer in the low-frequency part of a better performance, which is in the purchase can be selected. Ordinary home theater woofer speakers are mostly between 5 and 12 inches, and speakers made with high-performance loudspeakers also mean lower distortion and better sound quality.