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The Difference Between WiFi And Bluetooth Speaker Speaker
- Dec 27, 2016 -

1, speaker distance, penetrating better.

2, compared with Bluetooth, WiFi data rate higher, 150M non-destructive music, HD video transmission bandwidth can meet transport demand, there is no distortion and voiced detail loss, you get higher quality audio CODEC, get better audio indicator, and you can walk through walls, was seen as the ideal technology for high quality wireless music playback.

3, WiFi can be both direct and also through the route in a network. Network is Bluetooth's biggest advantages over WIFI. A case study of existing iPhone. Through a WiFi connection, iPhone Air Play connection speaker, simultaneously all the speakers put in LAN and play different sound for different speakers, at the same time can meet the needs of Web browsing, which is not available in Bluetooth.

WiFi speaker cons:

1, privacy and interference than WiFi Bluetooth. A speaker can be connected to multiple devices, connected devices can push on song.

2 Bluetooth, WiFi speaker technology is just getting started, and speakers of high prices.

Above, in the context of network coverage of globalization, WiFi speaker signals problems of instability still exist, but family entertainment, engineering, audio systems, high quality music is its power. Bluetooth speaker would also find it better, of course, Sheng Tian long Bluetooth 4.0 technology, transmission bandwidth, less power consumption. Loved by more and more young people.