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The Prospect Of Wireless Bluetooth Speakers
- Dec 27, 2016 -

Based on the above data can be drawn, now the global PC market is shrinking, subsidiary of PC peripheral products also were affected. Like the desktop speakers (we speak of traditional speaker) is kuangjiang per cent to 68%. But Bluetooth speaker smartphones and tablet computers has been rapid development. its performance and has made consumers marvel at the screen, but its effect due to size, but the speakers and there is no good solution. Hearing is one of the most important human perception, for this part of the appeal of consumers is growing. And according to the medical assessment, using headphones to listen to music for a long time, not only the ear fatigue, close-range high-decibel voice will affect the ears and hearing. Therefore, we urgently need a portable, and bass speaker to replace the headphones listening to us hurt. This spawned a relying on the development of Bluetooth wireless--Bluetooth speaker.
Homeopathy and Bluetooth speaker, portable, wireless transmission, stylish appearance are strongly loved by young consumers. 2012 according to online data card sales mobile speakers up to 80 million more Bluetooth sound card speakers carry a more convenient, you can always listen to all kinds of music, and share with friends, make you enjoy every moment!