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USB Charger Charging Time
- Oct 11, 2017 -

USB  charger Charging time

With the development of electronic digital industry, the kinds of USB chargers are also getting more and more, and the brands are also different. Many of you may have encountered a fever in your cell phone or USB charger, and some people will panic and some will find it normal and normal. So what about USB charger fever? USB charger manufacturer:

What happened to USB charger fever

When the USB charger is charged, the fever is normal, but if it is hot enough, you should pay attention to the quality of the product. The original USB charger will not be ruled out. When charging, pay attention to whether the USB charger is compatible with the mobile phone.

In addition, if the USB charger is not put in the ventilated place to heat the heat, or if the charging time is too long, the internal electronic component is in standby, and it will heat up itself. Therefore, the USB charger plug will be hot when the time is long. Or your USB charger is not compatible with the appliance.

One of the key factors of the volume of a USB charger is hot, in order to easy to carry, the USB charger, we tend to like smaller vendor development direction is toward the development of small and exquisite. But the smaller the volume, the worse the heat dissipation, the higher the demand for electronic components. Take the capacitance, high voltage capacitor in the case of the capacity unchanged, also more and more small volume, and even better in terms of pressure and temperature, but will not breakdown capacitance voltage, heat-resistant would burst open enough capacitance.

Again to be with the popularity of smart phones, USB charger now demand is higher and higher, functional machine age 500 ma USB charger already cannot satisfy the user demand for charging speed, in front of what we call the emergence of quick charge is historically inevitable, so we see the common USB charger current 2 a or more. Such a USB charger is also very empty and hot when charging. The temperature of USB charger is high with the switch tube of the USB charger. If the switch tube is not high, then the current passes, and the heating will be more.

Now everyone knows how the USB charger is heating up! Actually, of course, these reasons caused by the fever is normal phenomenon, but if the USB charger is really hot in hot degree or is faulty, it must belong to abnormal phenomenon, everybody should be vigilant.