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USB Charger Do Not Enter The Power
- Sep 07, 2017 -

USB  charger Do not enter the power

Mobile phone charger does not enter the power is probably a very common thing, but many people encounter such a failure is not clear in the end what is the cause, do not know how to solve in the end, the following by the technical staff to explain to you What is the reason why the phone charger does not enter the power?

1, cell phone battery problems

Change the battery to try to be able to charge into, if the battery will be able to charge, it is likely that the battery scrapped, another battery can be. But this method is only applicable to the smart phone can be removed from the battery. You can put the battery into a universal charge above, if the charge does not enter the battery that is the problem. Note that the replacement of the battery is best to choose the original or high-quality battery.

2, the system settings fault

Many people do not understand how the system will affect the charge does not enter the power, we take the Andrews system as an example, Andrews system has a special record of the battery information log, once the information error then the charge naturally difficult. This is not recommended for users to force the brush machine, unless the experience with the brush machine users can try. General users can refer to their own mobile phone system and take a different approach to solve.

3, the charger is broken

Mobile phone and computer USB port or mobile power connected to the time, if you find the charge is normal, it is likely that the phone charger failure. This time we can replace the charger, replace the charge head try to choose the original, this is the lowest risk choice. If for some other reasons do not choose the original mobile phone charger, then please pay attention to the purchase of good quality, brand awareness, voltage, similar to the current parameters of the product, as far as possible to protect the phone.

4, mobile interface problems

The battery removed (can not be demolished on the other strong robbed), the use of universal charge to charge, if the charge is the phone charging interface problems. Mobile phone charging port is the easiest to accumulate dust and other debris, which led to the interface and the charging line connector bad. So should carefully check the smart phone at the bottom of the interface whether the above problems, while the interface is also easy to lead to loose when the contact is bad, the solution is to find their own brand in the local mobile phone repair point, do not advocate the user disassemble.

5, the connection line is broken

For a cable or change the charging plug, and then charge to see if it can charge into the electricity, if the charge into the electricity, it proved to be the problem, for the root line, or change the charge plug on it. Pay attention to the charge when the plug for the time and pay attention to your phone original charging plug current and voltage parameters, to prevent harm to the phone. If you can not charge, then the possible problem is: mobile phone interface problems, battery problems, system problems.