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USB Charger Electronic Equipment
- Aug 29, 2017 -

USB charger Electronic equipment

Today's mobile phones are charged with two modes: one is directly charged and the other is a USB charge, but some people say they are not satisfied with the USB charge, and they can easily drop the power. Today we will talk about the advantages of USB charging. USB charger is very common in daily life, the USB charger is connected to the computer USB port, directly by the computer's USB charging, no large transformer, the structure is very simple, a lot of convenient than the original charger, the necessary equipment to travel at home.

But no matter how electronic equipment, will have certain life, USB charger also has certain life. Generally speaking, the effect of rechargeable battery will gradually accumulate with effect, resulting in a greatly reduced real capacity of the battery, and also alleviating the side effects of memory effects. Nickel-cadmium battery is the most obvious effect, and it is recommended that you use this type of battery friend for five to 10 times before you can discharge it. The nickel-metal hydride battery is different, and can be used repeatedly 20 to 30 times before discharging. The capacitor in the USB charger USES the nickel metal hydrogen electrolyte, so it will take a long time for it to be used in the process of use, thus it will have a long service life.

Mobile phones as more expensive high-end, in daily use when had better not use fake charger or not original charger, otherwise it may cause the charger explosion or damage to the crazy love tragedies such as 6;

Don't play with your cell phone while charging

Due to the summer indoor temperature is higher, if it is found that mobile phone charger when charging fever is more serious, don't play with mobile phones, turn off your cell phone can try charging, if the fever is relatively large, can be optimized from the following several aspects.

3. Choose a ventilated or cooler environment to recharge

If the phone charger overheating, the summer best in air flow is larger, it's cooler environments, such as air-conditioned room, or the place that has a fan blowing, larger place, avoid heat source is advantageous to the charger so heat, so as to avoid overheating.

4. Reduce charging times

General mobile phones or daily use can be a day or two days filling, so try to avoid charge many times in a day, not only can avoid the charging heating problem for many times, and battery life. Charger wholesale

5. Small folk prescription (iPhone users can test)