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USB Charger Regulate Current
- Oct 31, 2017 -

USB  charger Regulate current

As the cell phone battery capacity is certain, so the battery charging time with the charge current is extremely complex, in the equal charge current, the greater the battery capacity of the longer charging time, the same thing, the greater the charging current, the required charge The shorter the time. Then the question came, the charger output current is the bigger the better? Is the smaller the better? Here, Xiaobian to come with us to comment on this question.

First, the mobile phone charger with a large current is still a small current good?

If the charger can supply the current is less than the original charger standard current, charging time is necessary to extend, such as small 6 is the same capacity of 1830 mA, the original charger is 1.2 An, then it takes 4 hours to be a piece Completely no electricity battery overflow, and then a little smaller current charger charging time will be longer, if the current is too small will not charge the power, we may not notice in the original small 6 battery capacity behind 7.0wh, 1830 milliwat / 7.0wh, followed by 7.0wh refers to the tile hour, mah (milliampere hours) and wh (watts) is a comparison of two common ways to show the battery capacity, with mah multiplied by the battery The extra voltage is equal to wh, with a small 6 battery example is 1.83 * 3.7 = 12.81 watts (referring to the power consumption per hour) This is the official value of the official value of the practice of no significance, The timing of the machine is different and the difference will be very different, so some people in the opening or playing machine, due to the use of small current charger (lower than the power consumption of mobile phone hours) charge, Charger current is too small, the battery will be due Long time charge less than the capacity of the battery and the formation of harm (of course, this may be a long time long, there is no search found the relevant materials), and may burn the charger.

Why is the high current charge will not burn the machine, this is because the charging current is determined by the battery and its own charge maintenance circuit IC, and the charger has nothing to do, if you use the charger current is 5A, because the machine Charge maintenance circuit is now the charge current constraints in a safe scale, it will not damage the battery, some phones also brought maintenance current circuit, access to high current, it will automatically plug the charging circuit, but that is not sure , In addition to IC maintenance, but too much current, but also may make the battery up or blasting, in order to ensure the battery life and self-safety, do not advocate with more than 3A charger to charge the battery, do not advocate Use a small (500mah) charger to charge the phone.

 Second, dual USB output mobile power supply error will not form a damage?

There is a mobile power with a dual USB output, respectively, from the output 5V / 1A and 5V / 2A, the former for the IPHONE charge, which is charged for the IPAD. This section of the mobile power with a dual USB output, and the two charge ports of the output current is not the same, then, if the product users wrong IPHONE phone plug to 5V / 2A charging port, is not the formation of mobile phone damage doubt?

For the mobile power of the lithium battery charging current, the Internet is divided into two kinds of ideas, first, mobile power output current and the phone itself is necessary to meet the charging current, otherwise it will damage the phone, battery; Second, the output power of mobile power Standard, and the phone requested by the charging current does not require severe match, the phone comes with internal current circuit.