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USB Charger The Main Power Source
- Jul 05, 2017 -

USB  charger The main power source

The rapid progress of electronic technology, such as smart phones, tablet PCs, digital cameras, MP3 players and personal digital assistants (PDA) and other portable devices market continues to develop rapidly, the use of more and more, so that these technology products in the same time Led the development of its peripheral products. One of the most rapid development of USB charger, because the USB charger, power adapter is the main power of these high-tech products.

No electricity any kind of high-tech products are not able to run, for now people in the community, there is no cell phone without a laptop will be what kind of life? Really can not imagine. In life we have seen whether it is in the bus or in the hotel, as long as people sit down no matter when the first thing is to take out their own mobile phones or other technology products. For them, these technology products have become an important part of their lives, the loss of these technology products they almost can not live. It is like some advertising designers, they have never been a laptop computer, and once there is no computer, then they will not be able to work. So now a variety of social technology products and our lives have been combined, and this makes the use of the charger is very large.

For the average person, a cell phone using a USB charger is enough, but for some sales staff, the phone is the root of their work. Once the phone is no electricity so the loss to them is huge, it is likely that because this time no success caused the loss of an important customer, so when they use the phone charger when they need two or more , A home company, some often go to the place will be placed a few. This is just an example to illustrate the importance of the USB charger, the charger is equivalent to the main energy products, no charger any technology products can not run.

So the USB charger market can be said to be infinite, as long as the community people still need to use technology products need to use the USB charger. We can imagine the future of the USB charger will have a kind of market, and now the rapid development of social science and technology, in this progress under the speed of technology products will be more and more advent, so that makes the USB charger The demand is also growing.

So the future of the USB charger market will be getting better and better, there will be no shortage of market or no market situation, unless the community no longer appear technology products or people no longer use technology products. As long as there is a technology product you need to use the charger, because the USB charger, switching power adapter is the only way to provide energy for these technology products. Varistor is a voltage-sensitive resistor abbreviation, the English abbreviation for the VSR (Voltage-sensitive Resistor), also known as metal oxide varistor (Metal-oxide Varistor, MOV). It belongs to an over-voltage protection components, the resistance The value varies with the terminal voltage. The main features of the varistor is the wide range of operating voltage (6V ~ 3000V, divided into several files), the corresponding over-voltage pulse fast (a few nanoseconds to tens of nanoseconds), the ability to withstand the impact of a strong current (up to 100A (Less than 0.05% / ℃), and the price is low, the volume is small, mainly used in the charger to absorb the surge voltage (less than 0.05% / ℃), low leakage current (less than a few microamps to several tens of microamps) The Voltage protection, lightning protection, suppression of inrush current, absorption of spikes, limiting, high voltage arc suppression, noise reduction, protection of semiconductor components and so on.