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USB Charger The Output Voltage
- Oct 20, 2017 -

USB  charger The output voltage

In the hearts of people, fast charge is the phone can be fast charger, the sooner the better, in fact, this is a misunderstanding, theoretically is not wrong, the sooner the better, fast charge Well, is the definition, but the fact that, Is not the case, in the end what kind of charger is fast charge it? Fast charge how to give it a definition?

Fast charge, that is, people often say a quick charger of a short, understand the meaning of fast charge, and no one would like to be so simple, fast charge is relative to some mobile phone battery capacity, it should also take into account a lot of Factors, one is the cell phone battery itself capacity, different mobile phones, different mobile phone brands, cell phone battery capacity is not the same, although the 5V output voltage, can also charge, if not the correct choice of output current, it will not Match and better fast charge, of course, some people want to charge a little faster mobile phone, so they choose 2.1A or 3A or more output current charger, in fact, they do not know, so blind choice of mobile phone charger is Indirect damage to the cell phone battery, the general mobile phone current can be used in about 1A, is also the best choice.

And some people buy a suitable charger, but to buy a bad data line, the results of slow charging, and the phone is also hot, that is not a charger, but also for other chargers, but never imagined , The data line in fact the speed of charging the phone charging the head has a greater impact, who let the market so chaotic, whether it is price, or quality, are made extremely chaotic, not outsiders do not know, so often buy quality Bad things. Simple Analysis of Circuit Diagram of Mobile Phone Charger

Analysis of a power supply, often starting from the input. 220V AC input, one end after a 4007 half-wave rectifier, the other end after a 10 ohm resistor, by 10uF capacitor filter. The 10 ohm resistor is used for protection, and if a fault occurs later, an overcurrent will occur, and the resistance will be blown off to avoid causing a greater failure. The right side of the 4007,4700pF capacitor, 82KΩ resistor, constitute a high-pressure absorption circuit, when the switch 13003 off, responsible for absorbing the coil on the induced voltage, thus preventing the high pressure applied to the switch 13003 and lead to breakdown. 13003 for the switch (the full name should be MJE13003), voltage 400V, collector maximum current 1.5A, the maximum collector power consumption of 14W, used to control the primary winding and power between the pass, off. When the primary winding is kept on and off, a varying magnetic field is formed in the switching transformer, resulting in an induced voltage in the secondary winding. As the figure does not indicate the winding of the same name, it can not be seen is forward or flyback.