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USB Charger USB Interface To The Computer
- Jun 06, 2017 -

A USB charger is a device that uses a USB interface to connect a computer or a charging head to charge an electronic product.

Mention the mobile phone charger may we just think of travel charger and cradle, but we found that there are many on the market fun addict, in addition to the previously introduced hand charger, battery charger, we found a more convenient USB phone charger.

USB charger is the phone is connected to the computer's USB port, provided by the USB port power, creative full. The charger structure is very simple, there is no large transformer, style and data lines the same, than the original charger with a lot of light, absolutely suitable for home travel, charging must, the original can be thrown away.

Now many of the MP3, mobile phones are equipped with USB charger, the data line as a power cord, plugged into the computer automatically start charging; also equipped with a transformer, the output port for the USB interface, you can charge all the standard socket charge: Chargers can charge the phone, greatly facilitate the people's lives.

USB charger kit, also known as MP3 / MP4 charger, input AC160-240V, 50 / 60Hz, rated output: DC 5V 250mA (label stickers to 500mA, if you want to output more current long-term, please replace Q1 for 13003). MP3 and MP4 in the country a large number of popular, but as a daily necessities of the charger directly connected with the 220V high pressure, with a high failure rate, easy to damage the characteristics, especially to buy those immature products, The Finally, by the school teacher commissioned, we contacted a mature mass production charger kit, now together to the majority of electronic enthusiasts to share.