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Waterproof Speaker Multi-point Setting
- Aug 02, 2017 -

Waterproof Speaker Multi-point setting

In the use of waterproof speakers according to the use of anti-field and the sound requirements, combined with the characteristics of a variety of speakers to select the speaker. For example, the outdoor voice-based broadcast, you can use electric cylinder speaker, such as the need for higher sound quality, you should use the electric speaker box or sound column: indoor general radio, optional single electric cone made of small Speaker: to listen to music or for high-quality will be loud speaker, you should use the combination of high and low speaker speakers, such as speakers.

Use the speaker should note the following:

    (1) Note that the impedance of the loudspeaker should match the output line.

    (2) the speaker does not exceed the power of its rated power, otherwise, will burn the voice coil, or voice coil dispersion.

    (3) to correctly select the speaker model. Such as the use of the square, should use the tweeter; used indoors, should use the cone-type speaker, and choose a good help speaker.

    (4) in the layout of the speaker, to do sound and uniform sound level, can be set more, so that each audience get almost the sound loudness, improve the clarity of the sound.

    (5) When the two speakers are used together, attention must be paid to the phase problem. If it is reversed, the sound will be significantly weakened.

Waterproof horn is a device that converts electrical energy into sound. Different electronic energy is transmitted to the coil. The coil generates a magnetic field interaction with the magnet, causing the disc to vibrate. As the electronic energy changes at any time, the coil of the waterproof speaker will move forward or Backward movement, so the waterproof speaker tray will follow the movement, this time, the action will make the degree of density of the air changes and produce sound.

The sound of the speaker can be divided into:

   1, moving coil. Its principle is to use a current wire and magnetic lines perpendicular to the magnet between the north and south poles, the line will be affected by the magnetic field lines and the interaction of both current movement, in a diaphragm attached to the root line, With the current changes in the diaphragm before and after the movement.

2, electromagnetic type. In the middle of a U-shaped magnet can be set to move the cut iron, when the current flows through the coil when the armature will be magnetized and magnet repulsion phenomenon, and drive diaphragm movement.

3, inductive. And the electromagnetic principle is similar, but the armature doubles, and the magnet on the two voice coil is not symmetrical, when the signal current through the two armature for different magnetic flux will push each other and movement.

4, static type. Usually with a plastic film with aluminum and other inductive materials such as vacuum vaporization treatment, the two diaphragms placed relative to one, plus one of the positive current when the other will induce a small current, mutual attraction to each other The effect of pushing the air will be able to make a sound. Static monomer as a result of light weight, vibration dispersion is small, it is easy to get clear and transparent treble, the bass power is not caught, and its efficiency is not high, the use of DC and easy to gather dust.