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Waterproof Speaker The Horn Enters A Short Circuit
- Jun 13, 2017 -

Waterproof Speaker The horn enters a short circuit

Speaker waterproof film mainly to solve the horn into the water short circuit for all types of waterproof phones, waterproof cameras and waterproof electronic products, that is, dust and water also does not affect its sound quality.

The current application of mobile phones more and more widely in many occasions the application is also more and more, such as anytime, anywhere to take pictures, anytime, anywhere to listen to music, and so on, the phone's environmental adaptability put forward more requirements, such as shock, dust. Earthquake is achieved by adding a cushioning material, and waterproof and dustproof is achieved by using a sealing material and a waterproof material.

Speaker Waterproof Film - Product Features

1, the product is a black waterproof sound through the membrane, with the sound transmission process to reduce the loss of sound to the lowest speaker waterproof film [1]

2, the middle of a thin layer of Pu micro-speaker waterproof film, the edge of the thickness of the customer requirements.

3, a strong adhesive, can be used in harsh environments.

4, according to customer requirements to produce different styles, size of the product.

Product Advantage Editor

The use of sound-permeable material, the sound transmission process to minimize the loss of sound

For indoor and outdoor sound equipment to provide a strong waterproof and dust barrier

Sticky strong adhesive, can be used in harsh environments, and can firmly adhere to a variety of products in the surface of the speaker waterproof membrane

Both standard size, but also custom products

Thin and lightweight, placed in a limited space within the equipment is the most ideal solution

Easy to install, can be installed manually or automatically

In the equipment exposure to dust, was splashed on the liquid or immersed in the liquid, the equipment can provide effective protection, protection level up to IP67

Speaker waterproof film - Application range