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WiFi Speaker Wireless Speaker
- Jun 13, 2017 -

WiFi Speaker Wireless speaker

Wifi Speakers The app turns Android devices into a powerful Web server and provides sounds such as wireless speakers and recording computer-side sounds.

The app can turn Android devices into a powerful Web server and provide features such as wireless speakers: recording computer-side sounds and sending the audio signal to Android devices. File browsing: through the computer through the web browser, upload, download the data stored on Android devices.

Through the software MAP can be mobile phone or PAD (support Andrews or Apple system products) for WIFI control audio playback device audio, video, pictures.

1. Add a new network status test to help find the reasons for the inability to connect;

2. Modify part of the UI;

3. Resolve the Chinese directory and the Chinese file can not upload the bug;

Screen resolution editing

QVGA (320 × 240), WQVGA (400 × 240), HVGA (480 × 320), 640 × 360, VGA (640 × 480), WVGA (800 × 480), FWVGA (480 × 854), qHD (960 × 540), DVGA (960 × 640), 480 × 1024, WSVGA (1024 × 600), WXGA (1280 × 800), XGA (768 × 1280), 1280 × 720

Wifi speakers

The software is open

Select the audio device

Select the type of operation

Choose the category you want to play

Play the phone or PAD interface

Enjoy the wireless Wifi speaker editing

Wireless speakers from the initial 2.4G, to the Bluetooth and WIFI speakers, in fact, are in a field of wireless music auditory revolution. Bluetooth because of its short transmission distance, poor penetration, can not listen to online and other Mishap, many people have turned to the WIFI speakers. [1] 

WIFI speakers to WIFI as a means of communication, transmission distance is much greater than Bluetooth, with superior penetration, and support online play. In fact, many families have a very early time to buy the speakers, often easy to use. "So, whether there can be a product that can achieve all the features of the WIFI speaker.

The purchase should focus on audio hardware editing

Choose the appropriate placement

From the current based on Wifi wireless transmission technology HiFi speakers, the price generally reached a few thousand dollars, the most expensive nearly 8,000 yuan, consumers must also open their eyes when choosing. For HiFi speakers, it is emphasized that the materials, components and materials on the speaker, wire work in accordance with the traditional HiFi products, high standards.

In order to achieve the purpose of accurate sound, audio hardware configuration is very important. Choose to focus on their high, medium and bass are independent of the sound, respectively, driven by an independent amplifier to avoid mutual influence. Independent driven sounder, even if the low-frequency amplifier system pushed to close to the limit, the high frequency is still unaffected, remain clear and loud. The "coaxial unit" technology can be issued more natural sound effects, the tweeter hidden in the bass inside, from the same point of the issue of music, whether low frequency, intermediate frequency or high frequency, can be transmitted by the drive unit. [2] 

Some HiFi speakers also create a wide "best listening area", not subject to listening position and enjoy the excellent sound quality. High-performance fever-level toroidal transformer to the end of the active speaker to the minimum noise and put an end to electromagnetic interference, advanced HiFi amplification system configuration level.

From the design point of view, some HiFi speakers with desktop or tripod two modes, according to the placement of the main speaker to make a choice, if too close to the wall can also use the noise sponge plug to absorb excess bass reflex.