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Professional anechoic chamber

The anechoic chamber is an key research tool of acoustics, indeed, make the voice or sound no return or lend out is not its true aims, actually, it exists for engineers to help study the feature of the acoustics.


LitePoint Model: IQXEL80

inspection equipment

Testing frequency: Bluetooth, WIFI
Measuring accuracy: +/-1.1db
Application: product testing or development


Vibration tester

The mechanical vertical and horizontal vibration test bench as the simulating vibration environment is develop for testing the performance or anti-vibration ability of a new product in produce, assemble, transport and operate process, also it Is widely used in research, development, QC and manufacturing, such as electronic, photoelectric, vehicle, toy, package and so on.




Testing the sound decibel of a speaker to ensure the appropriate volume of a device.



Battery capacity testing instrument

Testing the battery capacity and the speed of charge or discharge.



LitePoint IQview
The signal testing of wifi and Bluetooth

This tester is a powerful tool, it not only can obtain and measure the signal of WIFI and Bluetooth, but also support analysis and offer the operation instruction of this equipment, more simplify the development process, furthermore, the testing and operation solution from this tester IQview is a identical result of another tester IQflex, it is help the two tester used interchangeably.


LitePoint IQnxn Plus


The LitePoint IQnxn Plus is a professional and innovate tester to offer the testing and analysis solution for the WIFI and wimax. It has analysis function and is very suitable for development and research, also it supports to verify the device performance of WIMAX and WLAN in MIMO condition.




IQxel online capacity test system


This tester is offer a complete scope or frequency range testing base on physical environment for WLAN (802.11a/b/g/n/ac)and Bluetooth (1.0-4.1)device, And it in a stronger test coverage, is beyond the strict bandwidth and EVM requirements, also can update the frequency version between 80 amd 160MHz.




Aeroflex PXI3000 series with extension feature, can improve PXI speed and modularization technology and extend to the field of wireless test as the RF module tester in wide prospect, it can be applied to the analysis of the waveform and complex communication system or vector signal, and proceed with wide bandwidth or RF signal generation, analysis or even 6GHz signal adjustment.



R&S ® SMJ100A meet the challenge that modern vector signal source face different applications.It provides the development requirements of the signal quality and flexibility,R&S ® SMJ100A has to stand out for it baseband flexibility and low setup time.R&S ® SMJ100A baseband meet all the requirements, from the signal generating to playback  to calculated waveform.These features make the R&S ® SMJ100A become the ideal choice for general vector signal generator, support many applications.