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MINI Speaker

MINI Speaker is a kind of micro-sound, many friends also call it "USB audio", connected to the computer or USB jack with USB interface, compact, easy to carry, fashionable. The mini stereo can connect to most audio output devices, such as MP3, MP4, MP5, mobile phones, computers, etc. (some devices may require a transfer interface). The shape design is simple and fashionable, small and exquisite, and a wide variety. The lithium battery power supply of the body can be carried with you. The high power output is also suitable for outdoor use. The combined mini stereo is more suitable for home use.
1. small size, easy to carry, cool shape, trendy fashion, personalized color matching, fresh and natural. The largest size does not exceed football, the smallest is the size of an egg;
2. set power amplifier, battery, dual speakers in one, the first patented technology "retractable expansion of the resonance chamber", to solve the problem of the narrow speaker resonance cavity narrow, breaking the specifications of the speaker's appearance for decades, compression to the limit.
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