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Ordinary Speaker

A speaker is a device that converts an audio signal into sound. In general, it means that the main body of the speaker or the subwoofer box has its own power amplifier. After the audio signal is amplified, the sound is played back by the speaker itself, making the sound louder.
The speaker is the terminal of the entire sound system. Its function is to convert the audio energy into the corresponding sound energy and radiate it into the space. It is an extremely important part of the sound system, and it is responsible for turning the electrical signal into an acoustic signal for direct listening. The speaker is an important part of the entire sound system, and the value is about half of the whole system, so it must be treated properly.
1 Avoid placing in direct sunlight. Do not place near heat radiation equipment, such as stoves, radiators, etc., and do not place them in damp places.
2 Before connecting the speaker to the amplifier, you should cut off the power of the amplifier to avoid damaging the speaker.
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