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A speaker is a transducing device that converts an electrical signal into an acoustic signal. The performance of the speaker has a great influence on the sound quality. The speaker is one of the weakest devices in audio equipment, and it is the most important component for sound effects. There are many different types of speakers, and the prices vary greatly. Audio power passes through electromagnetic, piezoelectric or electrostatic effects, causing the cone or diaphragm to vibrate and resonate (resonate) with the surrounding air to make a sound.
The selection of speakers should consider the material of these two speakers: the tweeter of the multimedia active speaker is now dominated by the soft dome (in addition to the titanium dome for analog sources), it can reduce the high frequency with the digital source. The hard feeling of the signal gives a gentle, smooth and delicate feeling. Multimedia speakers are now dominated by soft ball tops such as better quality silk films and lower cost PV films.
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