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Waterproof Speaker

Waterproof audio is used in outdoor broadcasting and can be used in humid, rainy, and sun exposure environments. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Waterproof speaker is a kind of anti-moisture, anti-corrosion and waterproof technology based on traditional professional speakers. It can be used for all-round waterproofing inside and outside the box, so as to be suitable for relatively harsh conditions of humidity, high temperature, rain and exposure. A speaker with a satisfying musical effect. For example, speakers for outdoor square music fountains and large outdoor speakers.
Professional speakers are more waterproof than the following two methods:
1. Wrap the outer surface of the box with glass fiber reinforced plastic. Wait until the FRP is dry, then polish and spray paint. Generally, paint 3-4 times, so that the box can not only achieve waterproof performance, but also retain the original surface.
2. Another kind of advanced waterproof treatment is to repeatedly apply waterproof plastic latex paint on the splint of the box, so that the waterproof paint penetrates into the splint of the box, which can increase the sealing of the box. It can provide deeper protection to the cabinet. After the cabinet paint is completely dried naturally, the process of polishing and painting is carried out, and the surface of the original speaker is also retained.
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