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WiFi Speaker

Wireless speakers are actually undergoing a hearing revolution in the field of wireless music. Because of its short transmission distance and poor penetrability, Bluetooth can't listen to songs and other injuries online. Many people have turned their eyes to WIFI speakers.
WIFI speakers use WIFI as a means of communication, and the transmission distance is far greater than that of Bluetooth. It has superior penetrating power and supports online playback.
Audio hardware configuration is very important for the purpose of accurate sound. When selecting, you can pay attention to whether the high, medium and low sounds are independent sounds, which are driven by independent amplifiers to avoid mutual influence. Independently driven sounders, even when the low frequency power amplifier system is pushed to near the limit, the high frequency is still unaffected and remains clear and bright. The "coaxial unit" technology can emit a more natural sound effect, hiding the tweeter in the middle and the bass, and emitting music from the same point of occurrence, regardless of the low frequency, intermediate frequency or high frequency, can be transmitted by the driving unit.
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